Thursday, 17 December 2009

Snow Covered X-Ray hands...

For the first time in about a year or more, I have a cold. It sucks. I keep losing my voice so when I try and say thankyou to someone in a shop or shout my dog to come here I just squeak and people think i'm the old lady from Poltergeist...maybe I am.

Today James and I decorated our 3ft tree. It's 3ft so that our pups can't devour it or our's up on some drawers. It looks very cute I must say, with candy canes and little wooden snowmen and trains...and the strange clear but unclear baubles, and the fairy lights peeking out between the green, snow covered tinsel. I do love getting ready for christmas.

ALSO...Today it snowed. I can't describe how happy it made me feel. I felt like a little kid with a giant grin and a look of amazement. It's amazing how snow effects uni people were running from their classrooms to take photos together in the snow. I took photos of them with my Lomo Diana F+ in black and white. Hope they turn out pretty. I love black and white photos...It may not of snowed enough to make a snowman...but the cold is here...I thought it was here before...but now it is bitterly makes me want William Duvall's scarf...

A few days ago me and James saw Florence and the Machine at Manchester Apollo...I was rather annoyed as tall people got in my per usual...I wish I had long flesh stilts...I felt wront typing that but it felt right enough to be kept in this entry. Florence has an amazing voice...and she's so beautiful.

Before that we saw Alice In Chains again at Brixton Academy. We got right to the front and they were AMAZING!...I waved to Mike during one of the slow songs and he mouthed,"hiya" to me...he's a lovely guy...I just wanna give him a giant hug!...and William Duvall's voice is just seems to howl at my soul and makes my soul dance like it's ice skating...if that makes any sense at all?...

I have only just finished uni properly today for christmas. I always take in a deep breath and then do a big some kind of ritual. I stayed up for 30 hours the other day. I got worried the other day thinking that i'm nicest when I haven't had enough sleep.

One thing I must say is this...Audrey Tautou is so beautiful it makes me want to take my face off...i;m not coming across sane but I doubt sanity exists anymore. She is beautiful though. I wish I was her as Amelie...though I would like to think that I have some little quirks like Amelie. Though I feel like I look like a troll sometimes.

Some other things that make me happy...

Alicia Bock... Her photos seem so dreamlike...I'm a bit mad on birds at the her photos of birds flying just make me so happy.
Kate Wilson...I love her little drawings. Her little birds amuse me and I love the tea stained paper and colour points.

Brandi Milne...Everyone should know this lady. She's not just an amazing artist, she's so lovely too. This is one of my favourite pieces by her. I think it is called, "Candy Thief". I just the love the colours and I love how she uses different languages in her art. Muchos Love lady!
I'm quite excited for christmas and for entering competitions. Now I have now work to have in for uni, I can feel my inspiration and need and want to draw come back, like my extremeties warming up from the cold. I feel awake and though i've put on weight from working and not working out...i'm happy. I've made a few books tonight and can't wait to sell my books at the bookfair in January!!!...Going to get some photographs and drawings done over christmas for them...a little hint on what one of them will careful where you fall asleep!...
Anyways...I have gone on Fare Thee Well, few followers I have!

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