Sunday, 18 April 2010

Dear Santa...

Though I love my two dogs dearly, I would still love to get a pug and a bald cat or just an ordinary cat as i've never had one. I seem to like wrinkly looking animals:)

Friday, 9 April 2010

Wish List...

Some beautiful artwork for my beautiful future home.

Some skills and courage in my work.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Stories and Whatnot...

Again my computer lacks the knowledge and kindness to let me upload my photos...but will...

Today I swapped a drawing for some ceramics. The drawing was of a ceramics student dressed in burlesque. The event was called Abit Sketchy; hosted by two ceramic students who are raising money for a stall in London. I swapped a drawing for two of Anna's baby dolls arms, which you can find on her

At the moment I am working on the Macmillan Prize project, where I have to write a story and illustrate it and create a dummy book. I think the winner might get their story published or be able to illustrate for kids books. I think my sister might be helping me out with my's going to be about a piece of paper that's discarded and flies and turns into a boat etc. At sompoint when the project is done, I will upload pics of my sketchbook work.

Been doing quite a bit of origami at the moment.

I watched Alice In Wonderland the other day.

I love the blue caterpillar. How adorable is he! With his little monocle!...A-DOR-ABLE!...

And I looooove the Cheshire cat!...And Stephen Fry's vouce goes wonderfully with the beauty of the cat! I just wanna sniggle his face!...
Anyway. That is all I can muster today. I'm too hungry to write more.
Live long and prosper.

Saturday, 23 January 2010


Today I must work, work, work! as I have a project to have in on Tuesday: RePackage: where we had to buy a product for £1 and repackage it to be retail it at £2...AND...I have a stall at next Friday's book fair. I'm excited but a bit nervouse. Should be great...if anyone finds my work any good. Going to do some of my usual styled drawings of objects around my house as apparently i'm no good at drawing people...probably true...but objects...HUZZAH!...

One of the books I am making for the fair is on my little trip around Preston and taking photos of the old and derelict buildings and anything that I thought was pretty.

For the Re-Package brief I have to repackacge a mascara. I have a few ideas but need to get it done.

And then there's the work for my elective...the neverendingness!

Today I hope to go to NEXT and my boyfriend buy me he said he would...heh...and then i'll work and then watch Jurassic Park...or Battlestar Galactica. It's great to be a geek.

Oh, yeah! I also got a new tattoo last week with my sister...we got Mordez Moi...which means Bite Me in french and we got it on our neck. We love vampires you see...always have...always will...especially the romantic kind...the ones with grace and beauty that suck you in, rather than the ones that squeal and open their mouths too wide...they're still fun...but it's nice to be romanced by a film or book.

I'm such a big girl ...ha!