Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas One and All!...

Here in England it has been snowing for a good few days...maybe about 3/4. It hasn't snowed today but we shall see!...I made my first snow angel yesterday. It felt pretty f'ing good!...

It is now the early hours of Christmas day. 4am to be precise. The pups have decided to wake up and i'm knackered from helping my mum wrap presents. I still get my mum to make a stocking up for me to put at the end of my bed. I LOVE IT!...I hope to be in my 90's and still getting a stocking full of presents. I just love reaching down the bed and feeling a lumpy bumpy stocking. The pure excitement!...Argh!...

So far I have given my mum her presents. I think she was pretty chuffed with them. I got her a cookbook, Pinocchio on DVD and some chocolates:) boyfriend and I decided to give a 2 presents to each other and wait to give the rest till tomorrow when he comes home. I gave him the Usual suspects on Blu-Ray and a Bop It! (He's wanted a Bop It since he was a kid!) I thought it would annoy me but it's actually really fun!...He gave me the Jurassic Park book and a teddy of Carol from Where The Wild Things Are! I love them!

Tomorrow, for the first time ever...I will be making THE Turkey...and a pavlova. I'm a vegetarian so the turkey isn't for me but I thought it would be nice to give my mum a break, plus, I love the look on people's faces when they like what i've cooked/baked. Turkey feels funny. I respect the beautiful dead bird. I hope to have some lovely taxidermy birds in my own little library one day...just watching me read.

I should go to bed now as it is bloody late...early. I need to brush my teeth and get warm...I was going to read some more Jurassic Park but I think that can wait till tomorrow. The puppies are yapping. PLEASE SLEEP PUPS...SLLLLEEEEP!...I am shaking with the cold and excitement.

Tomorrow i'm going to walk my dog and wish strangers a Merry Christmas. I'm also going to cook and bake and give and recieve gifts. I hope all of you out there have an amazing Christmas. May your gifts be magical, may your families be warm and loving. May there be smiles draped in Turkey and alcohol. My love to all you wonderous people...R.I.P to all that have passed, you will be remembered. Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!

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