Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Me and rambles...

Since this blog doesn't like me trying to upload photos I have decided to just show a picture of me so i'm not just a shadow in a grey box.
Today I have been drawing again! Huzzah!...I drew a fennec fox and I made a milk carton from an envelope...was rather pleased with myself...like the time I made a fish out of a tomato.
Here in the Uk it is 2am...i'm watching Invader Zim because I can't be bothered going to bed yet. I really want to eat pizza and cakes...but I shall wait till my birthday...mmm pistachios!...I WANT ZEM!...
I stroked a pug today! For the first time ever! Very cute indeed! Though I would never trade my baby for a pug...I love my Bruce too much!!!
I have been looking at a lot of art work today! I love finding new artists...todays discoveries include: Kate Wilson, Diem Chau, Andrew Hem, Know Hope and Ashley G...
At some point I will be putting up a few posts of my work...Brace yar'selves!

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